An important factor for determining the success of the financial management of your company is the quick access to up-to-date financial data and its fast processing.
Danske Bank provides powerful business system solutions, which are easy to implement and use. Find out how the different components will meet the demands of your company.
In the field of financial management we have our e-banking systems in place to offer our corporate clients - MultiCash , BL Banking and Business Online - a wide range of choices for cost-efficient processes.
Our e-banking platforms comprise basic functions for the categories payment transactions, cash management and ERP integration that are tailor-made for large companies. Moreover, the system allows for easy, versatile expansion with the help of add-on modules.


We have designed the German-language MultiCash function to make your payment transactions as efficient as possible. This e-banking system has been tried and trusted for many years and meets international requirements.

All functions are included in an integrated system that can be modularly adapted to your individual needs and which run under a homogenous user interface with access to a powerful database. This software is installed in your network and you are the only user authorized to actively set up a connection to the bank for the purpose of data transfer.

The MultiCash basic software package contains four modules. It is possible to request and look at account details as well as process SEPA, domestic and international payment transactions from your Germany-based account. MultiCash enables you to operate all your German bank accounts by means of one system. The so-called banking communication standard (BSC) provides MultiCash access data for almost all German banks. Furthermore, the system is open for the integration of non-domestic accounts, both accounts of international Danske Bank subsidiaries and accounts of third-party banks. Your account statements are made available via MT940.

Add-on modules for international payment transactions via MT101, international collections via MT104 and a Trade Finance
add-on module for international documentary business are available as well as other features such as individually adjustable access profiles and open interface for external applications (e.g. ERP applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics).
MultiCash is at your disposal 24 hours around the clock; bank statements are continuously updated and available.

Business Online

Fast and easy - Business Online gives you quick access to your account information and versatile facilities for creating and approving payments. All the information appears in real time, so you can always stay informed of your company's current liquidity situation. You can also integrate the data in your company’s accounting system.

Modular system
Business Online consists of various modules you can choose from according to your needs:
  • Cash Management Account Information
  • Cash Management Payments
  • Cash Management File Transfers
  • Collection Service: Collect payments in several countries
  • Markets Online: Securities and forex trading, including spot, forward and swap
  • Trade Finance: Export and import documentary credits, export and import collections, and international guarantees
Country module
The cash management modules, which are available for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom incl. Northern Ireland and Ireland, enable you to make local payments in each of these countries.

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