Cash Management

Cash Management

Danske Bank knows treasuries. 140 years of working with some of the very best treasuries in the world has given us a solid knowledge and understanding of advanced treasury solutions. This knowledge we want to share with you.

Danske Bank offers full-scale cash management services and tailored solutions to match our clients' complex requirements. Our “One bank, one system” concept, a single technology banking platform, allows you to view and manage financial positions – across international borders, in real time.

At Danske Bank, we work with a client centric approach and engage in long-term strategic partnerships with clients. We use an advisory methodology to run through the different processes of your treasury organisation. We work with you to establish the key aspects of your financial value chain, evaluating how they work today and looking at how they will work in the future. As a result, our advisory concept provides you with the implications and return on investments of strategic initiatives. We support you in making the right decisions, and enable you to benchmark your financial processes against the best-in-class.

Liquidity Management

Danske Bank offers several flexible solutions to help you make your liquidity management more transparent. Our unique IT platform makes it possible to deliver real-time information to our clients, taking treasury to the next level by maximising decision-making ability and capital efficiency. Our solutions are accurate and reliable and provide you with increased visibility and control of your funds.

Our liquidity management systems provide you with the following benefits:

  • Real-time visibility, access and control of group liquidity through our Business Systems
  • Cross country, cross company and cross currency solutions, all in real-time
  • Overlay and pooling structures create a truly automated and centralised set-up, making it easy to optimise and control your liquidity, all in real-time
  • Support of intra-company limits and interest makes it easy to outsource internal risk and interest management
  • Overlay and pooling structures to be built on top of current account structure, all in real-time
  • Optimised interest income and cost reduction
  • Flexible range of products which can be combined and tailored to your needs.

If you want to know more about our liquidity management services in the various countries, please contact one of our Cash Managers by selecting a country to the right.

Account Adjustment Service

When you set up all of your group's accounts at Danske Bank, you can take advantage of our cash concentration service. It automatically transfers funds between accounts held in the same currency as well as cross currencies, daily or weekly, consolidating your group's total liquidity in a country into a single account.
In this product, the balances of the accounts are charged or credited to a target account held in our bank at the end of each bank working day. The counter-entries are posted at the same value. An individually defined cash balance may be kept in the respective accounts and this liquidity level will be maintained automatically. 

Group Cash Pool

Group Cash Pool

Danske Bank's cash pool solutions are a key component of our group account and liquidity management. They are based on real-time zero balancing and always show the net balance on your accounts.
Real-time overview
With our business system, you always have real-time information about the group's liquidity and can make real-time transactions.
Internal group interest rates
Your group is able to set the interest rate on the group internal balances between the parent company and subsidiaries. You can use different rates for different subsidiaries. The interest rates must be set according to arm's lengths principle.
The calculation and addition of interest on internal group balances takes place automatically in the Group Cash Pool programme.
Internal group credit limits
Your group is also able to allocate internal credit limits to the subsidiaries' accounts.
You can choose to use an automatic sufficient-funds check to ensure that subsidiaries do not exceed their internal credit limits.
Cross-Border Cash Pool
With Cross-Border Cash Pool, your group can manage all of its accounts in the same currency.
A Cross-Border Cash Pool must comply with local laws, tax regulations and central bank reporting requirements. Danske Bank has considerable experience in helping customers devise the most efficient cash pool structure.

Multicurrency Solutions

​Danske Bank offers you full visibility and control of liquidity across companies, borders and currencies with only one multicurrency account.
  • Only one account
  • Full visibility and control
  • Across companies, borders and currencies
  • Optimising short-term credit facilities
  • Real-time updating
  • Flexible and efficient solution

Multicurrency Cash Pool
With the Multicurrency Cash Pool structure, you simply add a multicurrency account on top of your current account structure tailored to your needs.
You optimise liquidity management across the group, while still allowing subsidiaries full access to their accounts for the handling of their day-to-day business.
You can also use this solution as an overlay bank structure by adding accounts held with other banks to the Multicurrency Cash Pool with Danske Bank.


The Multicurrency Cash Pool provides you with an online real-time updated view of the overall liquidity position of your group on only one screen in our web-based Business-system. We can also provide flexible reporting to update your TMS or ERP system.

With liquidity automatically pooled into a single account, you gain full control over liquidity flows in each of the currencies used.

Our flexible liquidity solutions enable us to tailor the account structure to meet your requirements for efficient and smooth handling of day-to-day business.

Optimising short-term credit facilities
By pooling liquidity into the Multicurrency Cash Pool account, you can reduce your need for short-term credit facilities - you need only one facility on the multicurrency account to cover the net funding need of your entire group - and you will improve your balance sheet.

This solution helps you optimise liquidity management without influencing the day-to-day business of subsidiaries. They will have their own accounts and tailor-made reporting for the ERP system.

Multicurrency Interest Netting
Danske Bank also offers interest netting across national borders and currencies – a valuable supplement to the cash pool solutions. With our Multicurrency Interest Netting solution, you can optimise the interest positions on the credit and debit balances of all operating accounts with Danske Bank branches in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, the UK, and Ireland.

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