Investing in Germany

Investing in Germany

Europes engine

Germany is often named Europes engine. Through the last years german politics, unions and companies took joint efforts to strengthen the local market and achieved a positive climate for new investments. If you plan to invest in Germany as well there are means of support that may be worth a second thought.

In Germany, several public institutions, e.g. Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), offer favourable credits, subsidies and capital funds for business investment in Germany. These support programmes are also available to foreign enterprises that make capital investments in Germany. Scandinavian enterprises often use the KfW programme for credits to small and medium-sized enterprises. Depending on the applicable programme the maturity, repayment profiles and interest rates vary. The interest rate is often below the market rate.

The programmes can be divided into three main topics – founding and expanding, innovation, energy and environment. Public support is available for many projects in various forms, mainly subsidized loans, collateral through guarantees and direct subsidies.

Likewise, German companies that invest in Scandinavia can request financing from the KfW programmes. Danske Bank has many years’ experience in negotiating subsidised credits in both Germany and Scandinavia.

You can apply for subsidized loans through your bank of choice who arranges for the application and further procedure with KfW.​





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